Biker dating has long been a heated topic since more and more online Harley dating sites are coming to the fore. However, Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle isn’t considered as a mainstream lifestyle but a niche one, which has generated a tremendous amount of confusion as well as hesitation about whether you should date a biker man or biker women. Let’s read the following 5 reasons why dating a motorcycle man or motorcycle women is awesome. (these biker tips are written by David Lynn, the founder of one of the most famous free biker dating sites)

There are adventurous.

Helmet, leather jacket as well as the famous Harley Davidson bike are the most recognizable signs of a Harley man or a Harley women, which also demonstrates perfectly their passion for an adventurous trip. What is better than dating a male Harley rider or a female Harley rider who enjoy exploring the fun and the beauty of life? Don’t miss the chance if ever a biker babe or a biker dude propose to take you on a motorcycle trip with their package tightly fixed on the rear wheels.

They are not gold diggers.

Dating a biker girl or a biker guy is totally different. For them, the first date doesn’t mean a fancy Japanese restaurant where a fine slice of tuna costs a fortune. Instead, take your crush who loves motorcycle riding to a trip on a giant four wheeled machine and treat the motorcycle girl or motorcycle guy you fancy a greasy cheese burger and a cup of cola with ice will be the simple and perfect solution.

They are tough.

The precept “Practice makes perfect” apply to Harley girls and Harley guys too. In order to be an excellent motorcycle rider, it requires a lot of effort, sweat, or even blood. They might simply leave you aghast by zooming out from your view in half a second on the Harley Davidson bike, however, it is years of painstaking work and injury behind it. Thus dating motorcycle ladies or a motorcycle gentleman means a life marked with a strong will and a promising future.

They are practical.

Single Harley riders are known as the Taurus among other singles since they are incredible down to earth. Motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes always stick to the reality, even if it is brutal. Whenever it comes to the future plan, man biker and women biker always start with the tiniest detail which are most likely to be ignored by the others.

They are happy.

Last but not least, for biker chicks and biker guys, the desire of pursuing happiness is much stronger than anyone else. They want to be happy and free, which explains their obsession with speed, wind and excitement. Trust me, you will never be bored with a motorcycle babe, and after a while, you will find out that dating a motorcycle enthusiast is the most beautiful decision you have ever made.


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