As all the biker women know that a long lasting and meaningful relationship with the biker man is based on a solid foundation of trust. However, single Harley riders don’t live in a fairy tale, in reality, there are much more unwanted obstacles that a motorcycle woman will have to face. Lying is one of the most most discussed topic. Unlike Harley women who tend to constantly lie about their physical characteristic such as their age and make up, motorcycle man is more likely to lie about their mental state since male Harley riders are known to be imaginary animals whose mind navigates differently than female Harley rider.

Now it’s time for biker girls to take a look at the most common lies that a biker guy tell not only to help the insecure motorcycle girls, but also optimize the biker dating experience on biker dating sites.

“I’m available, and you?”

Every motorcycle guy tend to state that they are single regardless if it is the truth or not. And the intention behind this kind of lie is loud clear-Harley guys are playful and are available whenever there is a attractive motorcycle dude in front of them. Thus motorcycle babes need to be more cautious and less native in order to protect themselves. Click the link to read the expert motorcycle dating advice on free Harley dating site-How to tell is your Harley guy is really single?

“I know I’ve done it wrong, I’m so sorry”

Well, is your motorcycle dude truly sorry or he just want to get away from the potential dispute by comforting his biker chick that he is “sorry”? Trust me, there is a tremendous amount of biker dudes who say they are sorry even if they are not. Keep in mind that action acts louder than words, motorcycle ladies should wipe their eyes and avoid being fooled next time.

“I’m too busy working on my Harley Davidson bike”

This is probably what motorcycle gentleman say all the time. Probably they are, in some case, but the percentage is rather slim. If motorcycle ladies often hear this from their biker partner, ask for proofs that he’s actually being busy. Otherwise there is a big chance that motorcycle chicks have being hearing lies all the time. “I’m too busy” kind of lie also applies to “I’m stuck in traffic, sorry biker babe, I’m be home late”.

“I’ve never loved any other women biker as much as I’ve loved you”

Sorry to break your heart now, but sometimes it is better to be realistic. Harley babes are likely to feel thrilled and flattered hearing this. However, truth is, this is just another lie of your man biker to impress a Harley motorcycle girl.

Aside from the lies mentioned above, there is still a bunch of others that you need to know. The article consisting another most frequent lies from biker boyfriend is on the making and will be published by this weekend.


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