I bet a huge number of male Harley riders and female Harley riders have experienced the same situation before: you matched with a potential biker guy or biker girls, you sent the first message on online motorcycle dating websites and it turns out that you were ghosted by the motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy without even getting started. But why? Biker women and biker man always question themselves after this happened, however, without getting any answers from the very biker chick or biker guy. Thus, the confusion develops into fear, which turns into self-doubt. And in the end, the chance of getting a compatible single Harley rider gets lower because of lack of confidence. As one of the largest online top biker dating site, we understand the need of hundreds of thousands of motorcycle women and motorcycle men on the free motorcycle dating websites and thus, we have invited David Wong, the online biker dating expert who has been studying the relationship between a man biker and women bikers for a dozen of years. Without further due, let’s hear his explanation of ghosting in the world of online bikers nearby dating.

You didn’t stand out.

Even though you match with the motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude, it is still possible that your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend won’t reply. With the huge member base consisting of more than 7 million Harley motorcycle riders seeking the compatible biker partner who also enjoy Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, a single Harley rider probably receives more than a dozen of message from different biker chicks and biker dudes every day. And thus, a plein and common “Hi” or “What’s up” is not going to catch the eyes from other more customized messages. Thus, read the profile of the man biker or women biker that you are interested in, and send something more interesting that also shows you read the information of the Harley girls and Harley guys. It’s also recommended to ask a question that’s related to the information mentioned in the profile on free motorcycle dating apps.

You clearly sent a copy-pasted message.

Certain Harley chicks and Harley dudes love to take the shortcut, however, other Harley motorcycle riders are smart enough to recognize it. And after all, it’s not that hard. first of all, this kind of message is longer than the most sent by 90% of fans of Harley Davidson bike that applies to almost every single Harley rider that are looking for potential partners on online Harley dating apps. So it is so obvious that single Harley rider is only taking chances among a good amount of Haley women and Harley men. Maybe it can’t be called a wrong thing to do, but it’s clearly not as genuine and sincere as the customized one, which might means “you are special” to some Harley chicks and Harley dudes.

Or they just simply forgot.

It happens that biker lovers suddenly get busy and forget to check the online biker dating app for a while, so just let it be.


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