BikerPlanet has been awarded the Pioneer Award out of more than a hundred dating website for its wide range of advanced futures, expert dating advice, exceptional customer service as well as the highest successful rate of biker dating.

Being one of the websites enjoying the highest reputation, Biker Planet dating site knows costumers should not only be treated like god, but also friends. This elite dating platform, designed exclusively for bike enthusiasts, has spent over 5 months investigating into online dating market and now understand perfectly that real key of a long lasting relationship starts with a like-minded match, which is why their prime function is to help compatible singles to bond with each other. Whether you are just looking for a biker buddy to join the rally with, or seeking for lasting love, BikerPlanet offers various kinds of options to meet different needs!

In this superficial age where appearance speak for the majority of times and “match” is simply based on a few selfies, you will be amazed by how the matchmaking works for Biker Planet. Before begins to set foot on the love seeking journey, each user is required to fill in a questionnaire where personality, hobbies, education, location and ideal quality for the other half is addressed. With the help of an newly invented intelligent match approach, biker singles will be having a much more smoother experience and 6-12 eligible matches will be delivered based on your search criteria and compatibility.

Over 32,000 daily users from over 15 countries are united on Biker Planet and the number is keep increasing by 1800 people per month, which means a much higher success rate of quality biker dating compared to other websites with a relatively smaller number of registered members. The remarkable achievement of around 1200 singles finding their compatible half successfully has definitely BikerPlanet the top 3 websites in the field of biker dating.

Lots of dating websites offer users with dating advice, so does BikerPlanet, but that’s not all. We all know the significance of the first impression, but not a lot of people have now realized the fact that putting together a profile that suits you is a rather tricky and essential part of online dating. A series of expert advice on how to pick the proper word, structure the sentence and express yourself, in a most efficient way! It should never be a bother to cover your unique self, that’s why this exceptional dating website offer help at the beginning of registration.

For the purpose of making your dating experience more smooth and stress free, the professional staff of BikerPlanet is dedicated to offer personalized support, 24/7 online service and are ready to answer any kind of dating related questions. All the features and services can be both accessed by pc and mobile, including IOS and Android, which made it a dating website that suits a modern and busy lifestyle.

For those who are worried about privacy and safety, BikerPlanet assure 100% encrypted conversation history and a strict confidentiality, which allows all the singles to focus on seeking for love.


Conventional dating sites can be challenging for bikers to find love that lasts, however, with an inspiring conception and a newly invented matching system, is now one of the most used platform for numerous single bikers to find the important half with similar passion-who loves to enjoy the feeling of dominating the giant two-wheeled machine.

You are an individual with valid feelings, you have unique stories to tell, the similar passions to share-you are way more than just a selfie. allows users to complete their profiles mainly based on their hobbies and personalities, because you are not just a photo and there is tons of things to talk about other than weather. Another highlight of Harley Dating Site is that diversity is highly respected. Regardless of age, nationality or sex orientation, everyone is able to have quality dating experience within a few minutes of signing up.

If you are already a registered member of the website, now you will have access to a dozen of handful features which increase greatly the chance of you connecting with another Harley match: There is no point having an advanced communication tools if you are not talking to someone you are compatible with, that’s why harley bikers are provided with the top-notch searching functions, with which you can build your own matches based on the most specific criteria such as interests, background and lifestyle. No fee is asked for being a regular member on since there is fund from advertisement to keep the site running normally.

In order to save your valuable time, also is featured with some specific filters such as “online now”, “available to chat” and “has photo”. For those who prefer to socialize with a group of bikers than a one on one date, the event section would be the lovely option, where they can create events sorted by location and invite other biker singles either to join the rally, hang out or party together. For gold members, congratulations, some exclusively customized features will allow you to get a little bit tricky, yet still respect the privacy policy to get to know others better by such as being able to see the last login time of others, whether other users have read your messages or not, etc.

Even though is equipped with such strong and advanced features, this popular dating site still remained its simplicity to navigate. Single bikers can get access to profile information of several users without the need to sign up. With the limited procedures of signing up, you can be one of the harley bikers in no time.

Whether you are looking for someone to flirt on a date, or a motorcycle enthusiast to be your riding partner, will always be your first option, which has been committed since its establishment in 2000 to help single bikers to meet, to communicate, to connect with other people with the same passion, or feel free to develop more from that.


With hundreds of thousands of dating websites available and the seemingly newly-launched emerge overnight, there are countless of so-called “main stream” dating websites that claims themselves to be the best platforms to meet potential singles.

Facing various kind of options, it can be tricky to know where to put your time and energy decently and you might easily find yourself end up being inside an error cycle which makes it seems to be even harder to find love online. However, the following website can be considered as the most reliable one when it comes to online dating for bikers, from the fairly handy operating system to the numerous quality members. Bikerornot is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used dating platforms for bike enthusiasts, which has the highest chance to match with your compatible half thanks to its over 50,000 quality members.

Whether you are seeking for another biker to participate in the rally, or a romantic start that might develop into a lifetime journey, it can be a bit challenging with 90% of the biker dating sites where you find yourself swiping right and left though a single selfie where a lengthy bio completely defines you and some preconceived notions are frequently made. Not so with Biker or Not, whose founder–after 8 months of an in-depth research on online dating market–came up with a brand new conception and operating system for the website where users can basically put any detailed information about themselves which even includes a result of their personality test. An advanced matching system, matches singles rapidly and efficiently based on the comprehensive compatibility of personality, has also been highly recommended by numerous users of the website.

Bikerornot knows exactly its target market and what to do to meet the demands of their clients. In the age where many people opt for dating apps for merely hookup or “casual relationship”, for those quality singles who are looking for a serious committed relationship, this website should indubitably be the best option. As you can clearly see if you visit the site, more specialized features are offered than other dating sites such as verified member profile search, free anonymous browsing, smart location filter, encrypted conversation even along with a free personalized guide which help you to control your own dating experience and learn how to build and maintain a strong and sustainable relationship. Without being charged for an arm or a leg, thousands of single bikers have stepped on their journey in quest of love and they are enjoying it!

Unlike most other dating websites, only paying members are allowed to search other singles and send messages, not so with, anyone can make the first move and respond to their potential half. Thanks to which, the search for love is even easier and all the possibilities are ignited.

Join today by creating an account for less than a few minutes, post up to 10 photos for free, unlimited for golden members, compete your profile and fill in the demands for your dream half, very soon you will be in the thick of online biker dating!


BikerNext, one of the most reliable dating platforms for single biker men and women, claims to be responsible to more than hundreds of successful motorcycle dating per day, which makes it one of the most qualified destinations for marriage-oriented biker enthusiasts. To live up to the reputation the website has earned since its foundation in 2002, BikerNext now focus on a full range of newly-invented features which on the purpose of bringing all the like-minded quality singles together, igniting all the possibilities for a lifetime romantic journey.

For those who wonder what makes BikerNext so unique, here is the answer– With an innovative matching system based on a deep level of personality compatibility, “Matches” will be divided into 2 different parts. “Standard matches”, where you can find all the potential singles share the same passion with you. “Perfect matches”stand for the ones filtered by 25 dimensions of compatibility addressed in an extensive questionnaire which will be requested to fill in when signing up.

With an incredibly big member base, BikerNext exudes so much confidence in setting up biker singles and arranging biker dates. Finding your special biker girl/guy will be an easy peasy among millions of users with professional guide.

If you are still hesitating, just spare two minutes to sign up and all the essential features will be accessible for you to get a taste of how BikerNext works. Provided features include conducting searches, sending messages, keeping track of your matches, filtering users by distance, etc. An amazing and reliable dating experience is already guaranteed after the initial registration. However, for paid members, all the expert functionality will be activated such as “super like” someone, unlimited matches, matches around the world and so on. Those tricky and useful futures will highly increase your chance of having a quality match!

In this age of technology, the expert dating website for bikers now offers a big convenience for those who can’t live without their smartphone. The application Bikerornot for IOS and Android is available, optimizing all the main features for mobile users including check new matches, send icebreaker messages as well as updating your profiles.

Reviews and successful dating experience will constantly be updated on Biker Next where allows you to find numerous inspiring dating examples, some of which even led to long lasting marriage. A series of practical and detailed dating advice, can also be found on the guidance section of BikerNext, is highly-praised by 90% of registered users.

The dedicated staff will strive to make your online dating experience the best imaginable by mastering a various range of dating categories. Either you are the playful kind who prefer to take it slow and casual, or the devoted love seekers in quest of a long lasting romantic journey, all the different demands will be met with our customized dating service. You can also use your expert search tool to further narrow down your ideal biker half. A simple click of the link below will allow you to set foot on the journey of biker dating!


Pioneering in the online dating industry for more than 5 years, is one of the best dating site exclusively for biker singles for its advanced matching system and expert features as well as professional costumer service. Since the establishment of the website, has connect millions of singles virtually over the same passion-motorcycle and has helped them bonded romantically. Over decades of perfecting and development, the leading role of biker dating field has gained a high reputation for its large member base compromising of over 3.8millions of registered member from 32 countries in the world, which multiplies the success rate of starting a long-lasting and meaningful relationship.

Within a few minutes of signing in, you will be required to complete a profile information which includes three sections “About You”, “About Your Dream Date” and “Cupid Questions”. The first two sections allow you to fill in the details of both you and your ideal other half covering habits, personality, body type, political views, salary range, relationship status and ethnicity. The highlight, “Cupid Questions”, has long been praised and recommended by numerous users for its creativity and efficiency of finding romantic relationships. A series of questions are dedicated in finding the common ground among the love seekers. For example, questions such as “Do you think it’s necessary to text everyday during a relationship” or“Would you rather go camping or watch a movie together” will be asked. By not only choosing your own answer but also pick the desired answer from your future soulmate will greatly increase the chance of the compatibility-based matching system operates much more effectively.

As is well known, Plenty of Bikers outshines other online dating websites with its advanced matching system and unique features to interact with your matches. With an elaborately designed and patented match predictor, which has a success rate as high as 98% to analyze the compatibility and bring in highly compatible matches. In addition, some criteria such as distance, ethnicity, active time and religion, are also available for users to narrow down the matching options. Once you get the list of all your matches, it’s time to send an ice breaker! However, it might seems to be quite a challenge for the shy ones who are always hesitating! Good news for them, guided communication, which has long been regarded as the Dating Bible in the field of online dating, will be provided for free. It will be briefly divided into 3 different sections: “An ice breaker to show your interest”, “Find out more about him/her”as well as “Ask him/her out”.

For all the registered users, the powerful features of the website will help you immensely the moment you set foot on the journey of love-seeking, but for premium members, the extra features will offer the shortcut while making it even more exciting, at the same time, secured. “Ultimate Guarantee” guarantees you a free premium membership if you didn’t find your special someone in 1 year. Besides, “RelyID”, “Myownbook”, “SecuredCall” and 7 other unique features as well as 24/7 online costumer service are also accessible to premium users of


First launched in 2001, MeetLocalBikers prides itself not only as the pioneer but also one of the most successful online dating site which particularly caters to biker enthusiasts. Either you are looking for merely relationship, companionship or long-term relationship over the same passion, MeetLocalBikers has long been granted as the most effective platform highly rated by millions of previous users who has their wishes been met here.

As is well known in the industry of online dating, Meet Local Bikers outshines its fellow competitors with its large base of quality singles and its patented matching system based on all-scale compatibility. Being in the market for over 17 years, MeetLocalBikers has developed a remarkable user member base compromising of around 3 million members from over 32 countries and 5 continents, most of who are successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers and celebrities. There been said, on Meet Local Bikers, singles are most likely to meet the elites with whom you can join a motorcycle rally with!

The site has also been long praised with its intelligent matching system which brings like-minded singles together. Unlike other conventional dating sites where the scientific formula is strictly respected and flexibility and adaptability are badly required, matches are provided based on a patented advanced system based on 32 key dimensions which has successfully helped millions of biker singles to bond virtually through their common ground of personality. Also, your preference will constantly be adjusted based on the every move you made on the website, in another word, the more you use the website, the more the website knows about you. As a result, the chance of meeting the special someone will be greatly increased.

To get access to all the features, all you need to do is to finish a highly personalized registration process in a couple of minutes. The sign up procedure consists of a detailed description of yourself about body type, occupation, personality, hobbies, interests, current status and ideal type of relationship. After uploading a few pictures of you, you are all ready to be one of the adventurists on MeetLocalBikers! For golden members, not only the the feature of uploading voice messages and video clips will be optimized, the word limit will also be removed, which allows them to write additional information in order to stand out of the crowd.

All the reputation gained for a great quantity of daily provided matches, optimum privacy algorithms and the successful rate of a casual date turning into a long-lasting relationship. However, has never stopped making progress and improving its function with the ultimate goal–settling up as many as biker women and biker men as possible. With more than 10,000 true story based love story and advice, a beautiful and high-end layout, professional after-sale service as well as eye-catching and innovative features, MeetLocalBikers maintains undoubtedly the first place among thousands of online dating websites.

MeetLocalBikers encourages all the like-minded quality singles to join the land of love-seeking. Regardless of your ethnicity, skin color, background and sex orientation, everyone who is in love motorcycle will be more than welcome to join the giant dating platform, which is constantly growing.


There may come a moment, while messaging a compatible male Harley rider on a online biker dating app, when the conversation starts to go down south, which becomes a confusing problem for biker girls and biker guy. This can happen even if you have already covered all kinds of common topics with your biker women or biker man on online Harley dating sites. Single Harley riders seeking like-minded biker chick or biker dude on free motorcycle dating websites, after feeling an initial spark, it can still be tough to keep the spark going with a barely-known motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy, let along over a screen.

The largest online motorcycle dating websites has conducted a survey among thousands of biker babes and motorcycle babes on free motorcycle dating websites, over 89% of the interviewed Harley motorcycle riders think the best way to see if you have a chemistry with the motorcycle women or motorcycle man is to meet in person.

Because once you meet up, you’ll get much better, and clear idea as to how the single Harley rider is, how the conversation between motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes flows.

However, if even the conversation on online Harley dating websites doesn’t seem to flow at first, there is no reason to meet your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy in person. Thus, there are a few online biker dating tips that will inspire you when the conversation with the Harley women or Harley man is dragging.

Instead of talking about the weather, dinner and work for a million times, spice things up by with your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude by asking about your common ground—Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Not o4nly will this topic spark a lively conversation about hobbies between biker lovers passionate about riding on Harley Davidson bikes, it’s also a smart question to get a sense of how compatible would the Harley girls or Harley guy be with you.

Another quite useful conversational starter on online biker kiss dating apps will be “Tell me more about XXX.”If you sense interest, passion or even lull in the conversation with your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend, or you just simply want to get to know more about your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman, it’ll always be easy for you to get the conversation flow again by asking this simple question to your male Harley rider or female Harley rider.

It actually makes sense that chats on a online biker dating platforms are almost designed to be boring and dull. The conversation on online motorcycle dating platforms always repeat itself. And before man bikers and women bikers find a compatible Harley partner on online biker dating apps, you are both falling into sleep because of the dullness. Thus, try this conversation starter with your Harley women or Harley man when you feel being stuck in the loop again.

It’s not hard to keep the conversation going with your potential motorcycle girlfriend or motorcycle boyfriend, just give it a try!


BikerPlanet has been awarded the Pioneer Award out of more than a hundred dating website for its wide range of advanced futures, expert dat...